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3P America is a company founded out of necessity.

The world is changing and the lackluster hygienic methods of days gone by are over. Bleach and other toxic chemicals are regularly used to disinfect facilities. However, these solutions are only temporary and have potentially harmful lasting effects to humans, animals, and the environment. Any disinfected surface can simply be recontaminated within a few hours. Now more than ever businesses, employees, customers, and families need to know that they are being adequately protected from the harmful bacteria, fungi, and pathogens such as Coronavirus that pollute our planet.

3P America has the solution!

Our proprietary 3P Certification Plan is designed to provide comprehensive protection against harmful pathogens in 3 steps using highly advanced technologies. Our service’s solution is Safe, Non-Toxic, and Bleach Free! We are so confident that we can get your business back online safely and perpetually that we’re willing to back it up with our 3P Certified Guarantee! We’ll eradicate 99.99% of all harmful bacteria, fungi, and other pathogens including Coronavirus and prevent them from returning so that you can get back to what you do best!

3P America is a One-Stop-Shop for getting you #BackInBusiness!

Family Owned & Operated
Professional Team
Licensed & Insured
Compliance Focused
Secure Client Portal
Affordable Pricing
Comprehensive Service
Industry Leading Tech
Non-Toxic Solutions
What is 3P Certification?

Everything you need to get #BackInBusiness!

The 3P Certification Plan provides a comprehensive protection solution for clients. Each plan is tailored to the client’s needs from the three Purge, Prevent, and Protect services at a discounted monthly rate. They also benefit from the 3P Certified Guarantee which guarantees 99.99% elimination of all surface level pathogens on treated areas within the interior of the 3P Certified location for one month from the time of application. All 3P Certified Clients receive documentation and a 3P Certified certificate they can proudly display at their office or storefront to let employees, customers, family, and friends know that they are doing their best to ensure their health and safety.

3P Certification Includes:

Monthly Service Plan
Certification Materials
3P Certified Guarantee
Custom Web Page
Compliance Documentation
Lasting Peace of Mind

3P Certification is ideal for:

Concert Halls

Our service’s solutions are backed by studies and certifications from:

Our 3 Step Process

1. Purge the virus.

High-intensity UVC light waves are used to systematically irradiate and effectively ‘kill’ all airborne and surface-level pathogens in the vicinity by breaking down their DNA, ultimately rendering them harmless.

2. Prevent the spread.

All contact surfaces are treated with a non-toxic, bleach-free, antimicrobial solution that creates a protective layer which kills viruses, bacteria, algae, and fungi on contact and prevents their return.

3. Protect the people.

Custom solutions that enhance the safety of employees, clients, and customers between service intervals by reducing contact-based transmission. Tailored to meet the needs of your business.

Compliance & Reporting

Need Compliance? We’ve got you covered.

At 3P America we understand that compliance is just as important as productivity. Many industries require companies to provide proper documentation to maintain regulatory compliance. That’s why we include treatment plans, usage reports, disinfecting agent test results, active ingredients and efficacy specifications, HD video documentation of each service, and resource documentation customized to your business! Our Client Web Portal has been designed to meet HIPAA standards for data privacy and provides our clients with the documentation they need to show regulators that they are ready for business!

• Disinfecting Agent & Usage Reports

Know when, where, and how much of our cleaning agent was used in your facility as well as detailed specifications on our solutions’ active ingredients and lab tested efficacy.

• HD Video Documentation of Services

All of our professionals wear HD body cams during every service providing visual documentation for compliance and regulation. All video is timestamped and designates the unique ID of the employee conducting the service and is available to clients via our secure web portal.

• Resource Documentation

Receive documentation customized to your business that outlines best practices for maintaining a safe environment for your employees and customers.

How do I get started?

3P America is dedicated to providing the best services possible for our clients. We are light years ahead of the competition and no one else can offer our 3P Certification Guarantee. Let us help you to safely get #BackInBusiness and reopen America both efficiently and responsibly. Follow the links below to learn more or fill out our simple form to request a FREE NO-OBLIGATION consultation with one of our highly-trained professional service consultants!

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